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Dual Enrollment


Dual Enrollment is a program that allows qualified high school students to maximize their education and career training by taking courses that earn college and high school credit at the same time!

Some students may choose to enroll fully into a degree, diploma or technical certificate of credit program, or they may choose to just take a few courses. Participating in the Dual Enrollment program is a great incentive for high school students to get ahead on their college coursework!

Eligible courses may be taken at the college or in an online format at Berrien Academy.


  • Dual Enrollment Funding is available to any 10-12th grader in occupational/CTAE courses; and any 11-12th grader in academic core courses.
  • Additionally, 2020-2021 10th graders are eligible for any core or occupational courses if they were enrolled in Dual Enrollment during the 2019-2020 school year.
  • 9th graders are not eligible for Dual Enrollment funding but can self-pay or have their tuition paid by their school system or another partner.
  • Students are limited to a total of 30 Dual Enrollment Funding hours starting Summer of 2020, with a limit of 15 hours per semester. This includes all attempted hours at all colleges and universities where Dual Enrollment Funding was used, not just those hours taken at Wiregrass.
    • Students who have taken 18 or fewer hours prior to Summer of 2020 are eligible for 12 additional hours of Dual Enrollment Funding.
    • Students who have taken 19 or more hours prior to the Summer of 2020, are eligible for 12 additional Dual Enrollment funded hours (regardless of how many they have already taken).
  • Starting with Summer 2020, students with 2 or more withdrawals become ineligible for Dual Enrollment Funding.


Most students would participate starting their junior or senior year of high school and would apply during 10th or 11th grade. After expressing interest for dual enrollment, Mrs. Boda would administer the Accuplacer test or look at other qualifying data to determine if the student meets the admission requirements.


1. Speak to Mrs. Boda or Mrs. Garner about your interest in Dual Enrollment.

2. Mrs. Boda will review your information to determine if you qualify. 

3. Mrs. Boda will guide you through the application process.